Body Worlds 2

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I just went to Body Worlds 2 at the Boston Museum of Science today, I think it was well worth the money and a fascinating exhibit. The lamb artery structure suspended in liquid and most of the human preservations were really interesting, they even had a plastinated camel.

If you live near Boston definitely consider going, it's a traveling exhibit so it might come to a city near you within the year. Definitely a must-see for those who don't get freaked out by the idea.

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Anybody else seen it?


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    I saw what I think is the same show a couple months ago in NYC. I couldn't eat pork BBQ for a few days after that - human tissue looks just like "Red Hot and Blue" Dry-rub ribs.

    It was kind of weird also that most of the bodies were Chineese looking - I think that the bodies were executed criminals bought from the Chineese government.

    But besides that, really interesting.
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