iTunes/Tivo Confab?

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This from a poster named "Kido" on the Tivo Community forums on 8/17:


I attended the WWDC last week and got into a conversation with a guy from TiVo while waiting for a session on Quicktime. I asked him about playing protected AAC songs from iTunes and he smiled and said "Can you wait a few weeks?". Excited, I asked if they had licensed the codecs from Apple, and he said they had an agreement with them. Apparently, music is just scratching the surface. He said the HME team at TiVo had a late beta of an iTunes client, which allows for searching, browsing, downloading, and playback of music, videos, tv shows, and, get this, movies! Apparently, they are mostly waiting on Apple to finish the negotiations with the studios and they are going to announce the whole thing when that is done. TiVo gets lots of new downloadable content and Apple gets a few million new iTunes customers. A match made in heaven.

Sounds too good to be true.


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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    Goodness, I hope this is true. If Tivo and Apple are truly working together, maybe that will be the essential pieces out of which a true Apple home media center will be made. Could they co-brand a box? Maybe a Mini+a series 2/3 TIVO in one enclosure?
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