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Is it safe to install it on my drive? Has anyone had any problems with it? And is there any way to create a partion without erasing a drive...and if so can you get rid of it without erasing a drive?

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    i have two partitions, i have OS X, and 9 on each, if i install this on my biggest partition with all my files and OS X goes wacko, all my files will be safe but i cant start up off that drive in 10 right?

    i have a 40gb hd, i have a 5gb and a 35gb...5gb has OS X and 9 on the 35gb has 10 and 9 also but if i install it on the 35gb partition and it messes up i dont loose files, just the ability to start off that version of X until i fix it right?

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    so, here is the dilemma... technically, Mac OS X *is* software. You're also asking questions that constitute a tech support issue, and those go in the Genius Bar, but theoretically you probably shouldn't even have the build, and if you should, you should be under NDA

    Then on the other hand, since it is about Mac OS X, I can just move it to the Mac OS X Forum and let it's moderators deal with it; keep my forums clean

    Moving now...
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