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My first new thread.

Does anyone have any info. on "Applications on Demand" servers for Mac, espacially ones that might provide access to Adobe Web developement programs? SaaS, or "software as a Service" is becoming more common, particularily with buisness software. It basicly, (as I understand I) is a service that allows you to log on to a server, (for a fee ofcourse) and use the software, and then log off. You don't buy the software, and therefore aren't responsible for the upgrades maintennance. You basically "rent" it. It may or may not involve info storage.

Just looking for some info. on what sounds like a great new service.

I'm becomming less and less satisfied with Adobe and their practices, and would just as soon try SaaS.




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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    From what I've seen, SaaS only works for Web apps, not desktop apps.
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