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Windows question here:

Microsft releaes a kazillion version of every OS they have, and its a bit confusing...anyway:

I want to test the new Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for OS X. I happen to have a Win2k Pro (Service Pack 2) laptop I can use, but it's NOT one of the required 2k OSs for RDC:

*\tWindows 2000 Server

*\tWindows 2000 Advanced Server

*\tWindows 2000 Datacenter Server


Can I download or buy an update or "Service Pack'" for my existing version of 2k so I can play with RDC, or do I really need to go buy another version?

Also, what are the major differences in the Win2k's above? Anyone know? Hell, I still don't understand what the diff between 2k and ME is! Doh!



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    All the Win2k server versions have extra software and serving abilities that the workstation version doesn't have. Plus the server versions can support more hardware ( more multiple procs and more total memory ... like 4Gb+ ). What you would need for it would be Terminal Services. Check back a few threads, there is a thread that talks about this. Setting up and using terminal services isn't newbie-friendly, at least I think not. The easiest way for you to do this is to run a Windows XP Pro (XP Home doesn't have this, it only has remote assistance which isn't the same thing) box that has remote desktop enabled. Just make sure that you enable any users that you want to log in remotely to have access to it. This is all found by going to My Computer (right-click) > Properties > Remote (it's a tab) and it should be there. The 'advanced' button on the "Remote Desktop" section allows you to enable users to log on remotely. Note that "Remote Assistance" is not the same thing. Do NOT enable it. Remote assistance is for having another XP user (they have to be using XP Pro) connect to you box and help you out. I won't go into it but there are differences between this and Remote Desktop, and Remote Desktop is the feature that you want. (buying the win2k server versions is expensive)
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