Macbook Delay

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I put an order in for a Macbook on Aug 13, 2006 and have yet to recieve it.

The original estimated ship date was AUG 17, 2006 with a delivery of AUG 22, 2006.

Then on the 18th I recieved information that that had changed... now the dates are:

ship by Aug 23, 2006

deliver by Aug 25, 2006

That evidently also is not going to work, I just recieved info that "It is expected to ship on or before 8/31/06".

I did not do a BTO 2.0 Macbook I Customized to order with 1gb of RAM and 120gb HD. That's it... and there have been just several delays.

Even now if you go to apple's website and try to purchase this same setup, it says "3-5 business days" making it the 29th at the latest according to their current estimate which is well before mine is "supposed" to ship.

What is causing these delays? What actions can I take? I paid for 2 day delivery, should I call and ask for overnight because of my waiting?


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    They're putting Meorms in them...

    No, I don't know. I think they are short supply on boards or chips right now as there is a similar delay on the iMac. Someone in another thread said it might be due to the college buying season causing a shortage.

    You might be able to ask for overnight shipping for your wait. It's worth a shot.
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    I called and got my shipping fee reversed and an additional 50 dollars credited back to my Visa without much asking...

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    There you go. See, never hurts to ask. Keep us posted as to the ship time though. It'll be interesting to see when it finally does ship.
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    just ordered mine and it wont be shipped until sep. 1st! 9 days away. STUPID, reckon i'll be able to get money back on that?
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    Within 12 hours they have changed the lead time on the BTO macbook 3-5 business days... 5-7 on the CTO.

    Maybe they are just slipping in the Merom for me!

    Frediography: No... you should be able to cancel it... but I got delayed twice, so.. I deserved it!
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