MacPro Benchmarks: Photoshop in Tiger vs. Bootcamp

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Since Adobe hasn?t released universal binary versions of its software, it seems like one option would be to run the XP versions with Bootcamp, rather than running the non-universal binary version with Tiger.

Has anyone seen benchmarks comparing the same model MacPro running Photoshop in Tiger vs. Running Photoshop in XP via Bootcamp? Which is faster?


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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    Hi first post for me here - sorry no XP comparisons but there's this over on barefeats.

    PS on MacPro vs G5 - bugger all in it even running under Rosetta.

    Note the AE result ...
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    Yeah, I've seen tons of benchmarking vs. other machines. I'm just curious about the same machine with the different OS options.

    I can imagine a designer buying a MacPro and running Photoshop et al. in XP instead of with Rosetta until next spring.
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    russsrusss Posts: 115member
    Well it's not a MacPro but I did run tests on a Mac mini 1.66GHz DualCore using PS7Bench. It should give you a pretty good idea what the MacPro would do.

    In Rosetta Photoshop had a normalized score of 188. That's roughly equal to a TiBook 1GHz G4.

    In Windows XP Photoshop had a normalized score of 504. That's a little better than dual 3GHz Xeons (the old ones, not the Woodcrests).

    For more comparisons a Mac mini 1.42GHz G4 scores 266. A dual processor 2GHz G5 scores 562.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Right now Photoshop will be slower in Windows simply because the SATA support on the Windows side right now is godawful and the data from your scratch disk will be streaming at a twentieth of what it's supposed to. If that gets fixed, it'll definitely be faster under Windows simply because the code is architecturally native.
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