Mini Review of the TuneTalk Stereo

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It's official. The 5G iP finally has a voice recorder. I got mine from the online Apple Store a couple of days ago. I give it 4 out of 5 just for existing and being first to market. They only released a black model with a white one to follow some time later. This is perplexing since I am certain most iPs are white. The stand that it comes with for hands free use is laughable. But again, it get points just for being there at all. Other devices omitted it all together.

Sound quality and usability are the two most important things. Sound quality is excellent for a device of this nature. First and foremost, it is a microphone and it should be judged as such. Eventhough it is a fairly expensive iPod accessory, it is a relatively cheap mic. Furthermore, it is a stereo mic. Therefore, it performs better than expected for a stereo mic at that price point. The auto gain feature is very nice for boosting what might otherwise be a low volume recording. I believe that the quality is sufficient for podcasting, especially when enhanced with GB.

Be aware that this is an omnidirectional mic. So it picks up plenty of background noise. It is rather sensitive. This is a good thing if you are recording multiple subjects or subjects at a distance of more than a foot. But for recording voice memos or interviews, be prepared to catch some background noise. If such noise is not acceptable to you, the unit allows you to plug in an external mic. A directional mic will pick up only what is immediately in front of it. Even so, I believe that an omnidirectional mic was the right choice for the purpose it was intended. I will cut it off here. If anyone has any questions, I will be glad to try and answer some of them.


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    Can you plug in an external mic?
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    If such noise is not acceptable to you, the unit allows you to plug in an external mic.

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    Originally Posted by addabox


    Ouch. My bad, and my sincerest apologies for not reading more closely. Thanks for smacking me... I needed it.
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    I also just added the Macally USB battery pack. I have just got it charged up and I'm not going to have a chance to test it until tomorrow, but according to the review from MyMac, it will give me up to 14 hrs recording time. Actually, they tested it doing video and that's what they got. Basically, I have no real limitation on my mobile Podcast plans. My whole set-up fits in my pockets. I might just pick up a unidirectional mic for interviews and I will be completely set. It is a slick set-up and I am really quite excited. I can finally take my recording endeavors outside of my home studio. Best of all, it's all powered by the iPod. Think about it. Hours upon hours of storage, most of a day of power, and a high quality mic...

    in your pocket!

    What a brave new world we live in.
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