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My entourage data base is getting too large

how can I reduce its size- ( eg get rid of the attachments)

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    G'day I am not sure of this as I have tried to do the same! I think the only way is just to get rid of emaails and attachments you dont need! Mine is too massive at the moment and all I did was get rid of any emails that I new I didnt need!
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    I'm unsure if there is a way to tell it to just remove all attachments (I don't think it actually stores attachments in the database in any case), but your best bet is to just delete messages, or archive them.

    Try creating a new folder called archive, and drag all the messages from you Inbox that you wish to archive into that folder. Then drag the folder out of entourage and onto your desktop. Then just delete the folder in entourage. There are also some programs on that assist you in automating the archival process in Entourage.

    oh, btw, moving to the Genius Bar...
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