Kiosk-type slideshow presentation: suggestions for applications

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I?m looking for some software ideas to accomplish the following task.

I am looking to create continuously-playing slideshow presentations to to play on a flat-screen tv/monitor (~42?) running on an Intel MacMini.

The monitor will be placed in the physician lounge of a hospital and its intended purpose is to be a source of ?bullet-point? type information for physicians regarding a wide variety of topics (new drugs added to the hospital formulary, new hours of operation of the outpatient laboratory, etc -- pretty much general F.Y.I. stuff). (There will be no sound).

My current plan is to use Keynote which seems to meet the basic needs of this setup (although I?m not sure you can set it to continuously loop).

I am curious if anyone can recommend any other applications for this purpose. I?m a pathologist (but really a closet graphic designer), and love playing with graphic/multimedia applications. Keynote does the nuts and bolts of what I need -- looking for any recommendations of other applications that might give me more ?wow factor?.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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