MacBook whine (Not MacBook Pro)

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My two-day-old macbook is making a high pitched whine from the left hand side of the keyboard.

The whine occurs when I leave the computer idle for a couple of seconds and then disappears when I type or open an application or document. If I leave the computer for a little while longer the whine also goes, as though the CPUs are going into some semi-sleep mode.

Its really annoying when I'm working on MS Word. I'll be typing away and then pause for thought. The whine will kick in as though the computer is trying to stop me from concentrating. Very annoying.

This seems to be a different noise issue to those reported on other MacBooks. There isn't any mooing from the fans or hissing from the power cord. Instead it seems like a version of the problem that afflicted the MacBook Pros.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make it go away?

(as a side note, when I launch PhotoBooth the whine goes away - but that seems like a poor fix - and also slighty like I'm in an episdoe of Big Brother...)


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    Call apple support or take it back!
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    Hey Dutch, did as you said and Apple are taking the computer back and sending me a new one... However, the saga also continues...

    I left the machine for a few hours today swtiched off and when I came back couldn't switch it on. I tried several times and eventually was greated with the infamous coloured lines half way across my screen. Did various restarts and no luck. Eventually found on a forum how to reset the pram and also how by holding down the on button the computer would make a loud noise. Various combinations of these and also resetting the power (the take battery out and hold down the on button) eventually restored the machine.

    So here's my two cents. Maybe if your MacBook makes a whining sound its a precusor to other more serious problems. I read that the MacBook Pro's whining was caused by a faulty logic board. So it seems are the problems associated with the coloured lines on start up with the MacBook. Maybe the two are connected and the problem stems from logic board failings.

    I'm a PC user whose recently switched to Macs. So apologies if I seem a little out of my depth when talking about the problems associated with them.

    Thanks again.
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