PC formatted, Using on Mac = Bad Playback?

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I formatted my iPod Video 60gb on a PC so I can attach it to any PC and be able to transfer files and such.

It seemed to be working fine, but then I noticed that a) it takes FOREVER (almost a minute) to mount on any Mac, and b) when I select a song that has album cover art, it hangs for a while (5-10 seconds) and then usually skips it and goes to the next song. If the next song also has album art, then it sometimes plays it, sometimes skips that one as well.

Its as if the buffering is fubar or something.

I could reformat the thing again on a Mac in HFS+ and see if this still happens, but its a drag...

Yes, I have reset it a couple times and it has the latest iPod update. And yes, this also happened to it with the previous firmware...


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    that seems to be the case for me too..

    When I first had my ipod nano i formatted it using windows..

    and slowly i realised that i began getting corrupted mp3 files as well as bad ibook-ipod interactions... so i reformatted it with my ibook and noticed quite a speed improvement.

    On top of that... i never got any corrupted mp3 files again

    You should just reformat it... it's well worth it

    and in the end.. don't use windows
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    You can use Macdisk to access HFS+ disks on Windows.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    did it currupt the mp3s just in your iPod or also on your home library?????

    You're scaring the hell out of me

    Whats MacDisk? You mean the thing from MediaFour?

    I cant go installing that on every computer I come accross!
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    Just in my iPod LOL

    But it was damn annoying
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