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Hey thinking of repalcing my PC box with a mini - figured I would use my screen, keyboard etc. and save a little over an iMac. And I know rumors defintely suggest I wait a bit in case new minis are on their way. But some questions for you guys (and gals) who know.

Have a wireless keyboard/mouse combo from Logitech - can this be used on the Mini or does it depend on which version if it is Mac Compatible

On memory am I right in understanding I can't really uprgade mini memory myself (i.e. buy ram someplace cheaper than Apple)? My guess is I need at least 1gb.

I know it currently has shared video memory - for now I think that is ok but assuming the basics (browsing, viewing but not really editing photos etc.) does anyone have experience on whether is this enough for most kid games (3-9 year old age group)?

My Dell monitor has analog and DVI connection - so assume no issues at all with mac mini hookup?

I have an aunt who is a teacher I assume she can buy me via one of her educational deals ... are there any warranty/usage issues where Apple has tried to clamp down on that? Not Mac Mini specific I know.

Finally am I beeing silly on cost? It seems like an imac, because of the larger HD drive and graphics cards means I am saving 50 bucks for a keyboard outside of the screen savingss and losing a lot of flexibility. And with a 17" I find the pricing differential between imac and mini pretty small. But I guess $250 is $250. And does that change if I get a 120gb hard drive and 2GB Ram - since I am paying more for a small drive on the mini and I don't "need" the space.





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    Spend the extra on the iMac and you'll get a much more powerful computer and a better computing experience... cheapskate.
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    You can add your own memory - it's just getting the case off that is a bit tricky. Video here:

    DVI will connect fine to the mini.

    Education has the same warranty. Maybe once a year limit, or no sale for a year, I'm not sure.

    Shared graphics is fine unless you need hairy 3-D stuff.

    If the wireless KB/mouse has its own receiver, it should work if it is USB. If it is bluetooth, you have to order the mini with that in there. Check the Logitech site to see if it needs a Mac driver though.

    You can get the iMac and still drive your existing DVI display along with the built-in one.
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    You can add to RAM to the mini, it is just a pain. Just make sure you have a screen drive and a putty knife , those are the required "tools".

    Your keyboard will work, you just might not be able to use the multimedia button. You might be able to find a driver, but if not you can still use the keyboard.
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    Yeah I probably am.

    Thanks for the advice and thoughts - I replaced a Hard Drive on my TIVO so I am not hopeless - but it was well past warranty so I was only risking my "lifetime" subscription. I might also "upgrade" this and in a few months pass to the kids so I can get a new iMac.

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