Need helping starting over with iphoto:deleting pictures etc

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Hi all.

Well iphoto successfully yanked my entire library out of it's nifty albums and rebuilding didn't do anything about restoring albums so I am giving up. That happened just before I backed all the albums up in "album titled" foldes in my xdrive.

In addition to that happening, my "startup disk" is nearly full and applications are crashing, I want to go ahead and REMOVE all the images from my ibook iphoto library and off my ibook harddive and start from scratch with NO images and freed up memory. I have over 2000 images and 50 mini movies that are successfully backed up on my xdrive, so now I am ready to remove them from the ibook.

I am a bit nervous about just going into the home folder, and deleting all the albums, thumbnails etc in the pictures folder. Can someone walk me thru what to do to be tabula rasa in iphoto?



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    jbljbl Posts: 555member
    Why don't you want to just throw out your entire iPhoto Library? That will not hurt anything (aside from getting rid of all your pictures which you seem to want to do anyway).
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