Current Leopard Stability?

in macOS edited January 2014
I've got my copy of Leopard sitting here on my desk, and am juggling the idea of installing it.

Before taking the leap, I figured I'd ask around and see if any other developers have played around with it yet, and if you guys would approve it for regular use.

I know it's generally a bad idea to use a beta OS on your main computer, but I've done it before, and figured it'd be fun to try out.

Thanks, in advance.

- Xidius


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    jlljll Posts: 2,713member
    I wouldn't recommend it for daily use, but why don't you partition your disk and install it on a separate partition?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,172moderator
    Better yet, get a cheap external hard drive or second internal drive depending on your machine and install it there. Then just boot from it as and when you like, leaving your working hard drive untouched.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Just be aware that any posts about troubleshooting the install can't be allowed here because that is still under NDA.

    I'm just sayin'... so you folks don't waste time making posts that I have to remove.
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    mbaynhammbaynham Posts: 534member
    hey, if you dont want it, i'll have it

    coz thats gunna happen........
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,796member
    Relatively stable. (Time Machine is a bit jerky at times)

    p.s. I know there's "top secret" features a-comin', but with the current feaures (if there was no top secret features coming) I wouldn't pay $129 for the features as things stand now. One of the main things that I find annoying is iChat. Why no cross-platforming with (ALL) Windows IM clients through iChat? I can only hope that the INFAMOUS 'iPhone' ties in with iChat seamlessly, that's a bit thing in my mind, and I pray it's one of the top secret features (along with iChat for Windows).
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