Parallels Performance

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I'm strongly considering a Mac Pro purchase to replace not only a Dual G5 but also a Dual Core Pentium Dell. I run large format posters and prints from my home office. I only have the dell because the RIP software (Roland Versaworks) is Windows only. Can anyone running Parallels on either a 3GHz or 2.66GHz give me some insight as to performance of ANY apps that you may be using Parallels for.

My setup would include either the 2.66 or 3GHz, 4GB RAM and the 250GB HD for starters. I'm going to customize storage with HD I purchase seperately.

It would be real nice to be able to get those two heaters from under my desk!


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    I think performance is about 90+ percent of native speed. You can't play games on Parallels though.
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    palterpalter Posts: 98member
    For the record, Parallels isn't compatible with the Mac Pro yet. (There's a workaround that some have used which involves switching your Mac Pro to 32-bit only operation.) Parallels is working on the problem (i.e., fat versions of their kernel extensions, I presume). So far, they've only said that a fix would be available within a month.
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