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When I burned cd a few years ago in my old pc, using nero, there were two shdes, one where it burned, and one where it didn't.

On my imac, when I burn a cd, there are three or four (don't remember, it's been a while since I burned a cd) distinct burn circles. There is a small one on the inside, then a new shade starts, and then it finishes with a new shade.

Why is this?

Is all the space for meta-data, if so, how can I not use meta data on cds?

I am making audio cds, not mp3 cds, or data cds.

Another question:

In nero (program was several years old, I don't have it anymore) when I wanted to make a cd, there was a bar on the bottom of the window that showed the available space vs. used space. With colors representing the songs on the disk per the space thay used.

In iTunes, I have to pretty much guess, and click burn, if it's too many, I take one off, and try again, and so on.

I can't use the space on the bottom of the window. I tried this once, and it said the playlist was 80 some mb, but i tried to burn it on a slandered cd, and it wouldn't fit. I think because the songs in the playlist were mp3?

Can anybody help?

Thanks alot.


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    Create your playlist to burn and look at the total time at the bottom of the iTunes window. If it exceeds the CD-R's limit then you'll have to remove songs. If you're burning Data or MP3 format then use the MB info to dictate if the disc will hold it or not.
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