Have there been more mac.com e-mail outages lately?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I've noticed that I'm having a much more difficult time accessing my mac.com e-mail, both on my Mac at home and on my PC (via Webmail) at work ever since the .Mac program was announced.

Now, after I got over the initial shock of the .Mac announcement, I realized that, for me, this is a pretty good idea. I need anti-virus and backup programs and I've been meaning to post things on the Web for some time. Plus, I'm finding that the rinky-dink free accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo, et al. simply don't cut it for me anymore. And I hate having to see ads when I'm e-mailing and the obnoxious reminders to "buy more storage!"

But, Apple, c'mon! You announce you're going to charge me for something and then you make it unstable as all get-out? I can see how converting iTools to .Mac would result in some irregularities, but shouldn't this have been taken care of in some rigorous testing before the announcement? It's not rocket science.

It's never been down for more than an hour or so, but when I'm a consumer considering buying a product, an hour can make a big impression.

Well, they still have 60-ish days to convince me. But they aren't doing a very good job so far.


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    I wasn't able to acccess it via the popserver, but i was able to access it via the webmail.mac.com deal... hmmmmmmmmmmm
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    mine keeps going offline and i cant get it back online again.
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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    I've had no problems on my cable.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    No problems here, either.
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    fawkesfawkes Posts: 80member
    There was a problem with the POP server yesterday, reported by Apple on the "Network Status" in the .mac support page. It was repaired by the afternoon.

    Webmail has always been a bit dodgy... and was glacially slow yesterday.

    I admit being curious if the .mac servers have been the target of DOS attacks by those protesting the move to a for-pay service. Not looking for a conspiracy theory; just surprised that things have gotten so poor lately. Perhaps Apple is simply upgrading the hardware/software and it isn't quite up to scratch yet.
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