Where do i begin....

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first i have an iBook G4 i'm running OS X 10.3.9... in the about this mac thing it says processor 1.2 GHz PowerPC G4.... Memory 768 MB DDR SDRAM (maybe it'll help make answering questions easier?... i dunno)

everything worked wonderfully until a few months ago when safari wouldnt work for me anymore.. i can open it fine but then after a few seconds it "quits unexpectedly"

after that happened an annoying amount of times i downloaded Firefox which worked great until the other day. i wasnt doing anything crazy and my computer bugged out and restarted.. when it booted back up little things were different.. like the dock on the bottem of the screen wasnt customized like i had it.. it looked like it did when i first opened the computer when i bought it. Also about 100 something songs were missing from my itunes (which i thought they were deleted but just realized they werent) and my playlists were gone.

Then i opened finder to look for firefox and the icon wasnt there but a bunch of files for firefox came up. so i deleted all of them and decided to start from scratch. i went to the firefox website to download it and when i double clicked the dmg file i got an error saying that my computer didnt recognize the file.

i wanted to reformat but i misplaced the cd's (i'm so mad at myself!!) so what should i do? how do i fix it?!?


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    For starters...

    Go to Applications - Utlities - Disk Utility.

    Select the drive your system is on.

    Click on "Repair Permissions"

    Go have a cup/can/bottle of your favorite beverage.

    Re-Start the computer when it finishes this task.

    Let us know if it doesn't help (It might, It might not.)
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    In addition to the above post, backup ASAP.

    Some strange behavior can be fixed by deleting caches, but your dock reverting to default sends a shiver down my spine. I would backup your files, boot off the install DVD and run Disk Utility to scan for drive problems. If that doesn't fix your problem, you get to do an archive and install and therefore replace your corrupt system with a fresh copy.

    EDIT: Of course NOW I read the last line.
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    Do you know any one else with an iBookG4.... you could borrow thier disks to re-install your system.
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