9/16 free iPod promo -- new iPod late September?

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I'm definitely ordering a new Mac Pro within a week, and tempted by the free Nano offer. However, the promo ends 9/16, and with rumblings here and elsewhere it seems there may be a new model in the offing within a month.

I'm in no rush to get an ipod... it's been 5 years and still haven't taken the plunge, so I could wait a few more weeks for a newer model that may sport bluetooth or other features.

What's the general consensus on iPod having a major upgrade in the next month or so?


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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    The iPod will almost certainly get an update this fall. However, the promo probably will not apply to any new ones. So it's between old one for free and new one for bucks.
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    get the free one while you can. ebay it. purchase the new one when it comes out.
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    Can I get a free one after the purchase? Say I bought my Mac Pro last month, shipping Tuesday. Can I grab an iPod tomorrow and fill out the rebate? I ask because my iPod is dying.

    EDIT: No, I can't. The computer and ipod have to be on the same receipt. FRAK!!
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