OS X Types Strange Language

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
So I start up my Macbook today and I cant type anythig in english, all text displayed is English though. It types in some strange characters that actually type right to left! I checked the "International" Settings and they are all pointed at English or U.S. of some sort. But it is still doing it! Please someone give me some advise, I've only been using OS X for about a month now and I'm really at a loss.

It's 10.4.7 also.


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    The problem is still occuring but I have found some more information. In the terminal I type in english and i am able to copy what i type there and use it properly in OS X apps (adium, firefox, etc). All text is displayed in English including the dock, system preferences, etc. It just seems that apps are wanting me to type in this strange language.
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    Update 2:


    okay, I'm really freaked out now because it just started working again. I have all my stuff backed up but whats going on?! Is someone screwing with my mac for fun? Is the OS just FUBAR'd? I really need so advice on this now, I'm lost...
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    Haha, sorry to laugh but this is a bit entertaining. I found once an option to write from right to left. It's at the bottom of the context menu. Check that and see what's up there.
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