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*This didn't get enough viewing in the general, so I thought I'd bring it here and see some real results*

I'm just curious to see how much of Apple we own together. I own 150 shares of Apple (don't laugh) and I know alot of people own more. So if everyone could post how much they own and if someone can put the total amount of shares...i lost my share holder packet...I'd be greatful. So here it goes:

150shares = me

[quote]i own 1 (one).

come on, its the idea that counts.

-> that make 151




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bought 50 last year during the drop below $15 a share... and bought 150 more this time around.... so thats 200+151= 351 shares so far... and being the majority shareholder, I decide we should make a G4 iBook with a 13.3" screen in the same form factor with bluetooth and airport built in with a DVD player for $1199


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