Canon vs. HP multifunction devices

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I am considering the Canon MP800 or the HP Photosmart 3210. Both are shipping at a good price from Amazon, however, the reviews on both are mixed from the Mac users. After searching through the MacWorld website and not finding reviews on either, I was wondering if the insiderdom has had any experience with either of these two machines. I am not a pro photographer or anything like that, just a guy who needs a good all around printer for text and photos and who needs to scan photos and documents in once in a while.

Ease of use and Mac compatibility are key points. I don't have any specific software that I intend to use for scanning. I was just planning on using whatever came with the machine. I use iPhoto for printing photos and might get photoshop elements in the near future. Currently I run an iBook G4 with the latest version of Tiger.

Thanks for any and all opinions.
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