30" LCD Price Drop

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With the 30" display dropping in price to $1,999 I am sudddenly tempted. The problem is I'd be pissed if the price drop is due to some ultra cool, highly superior monitor shipping right around the corner. Are there any rumors of anything of the kind or is the price drop due to sagging sales?


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    It's due to people not wanting to pay incredible amounts more than for a Dell for the same panel.
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    Not that is based on anything, but I think there will be a new display.

    I just upgraded to a 30" display due to the decrease, I don't care if they come out with a new one in a month--but I do think it will happen.

    Also, it seems that iSights are starting to go out of stock in my area. This makes me think the new cinema display will have a built in iSight. Also a built in IR port, as Jobs said leopard would support front row and I can't see e everyone picked up an irtrans usb-IR adapter.
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    baygbmbaygbm Posts: 147member
    For what it?s worth, I think new displays are coming too. When? Who can say, but anyone who has watched product cycles over the years, can see the pattern.

    Here?s a question: what would you want in a new apple monitor? Bigger display and lower price of course but what else?

    More ports?


    Landscape & portrait orientation?

    A friend of mine has Apple?s 30? display and it is sweet, but really too big for my needs. I?m shopping for a 23? model, but HP L2335 is a better value; it?s features are equal or superior to Apple?s offering and it can pivot from portrait to landscape. I?ve seen it new on ebay for as little as $605.
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    Built in iSight and IR port for one. The iMac type magnetic remote holder. A long power cord. All the cords split out at the end (power, dvi, firewire, usb. That means that the display power brick has to be within 12 inches on the computer, I am estimating the cables to be 6 inches after the split. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying. I bet it will be the same form factor, just with the changes in the first two sentences.
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