Macbook keyboard palm-rest area cracking!

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I just noticed that the front-right corner of the area where the palm normally rests on the keyboard, the edge has cracked and is peeling off in my Macbook which is around 2 months old!

The Macbook has never been moved other than from my lap to the desk and back, and I always sit in front of the desk. It has never been dropped or hit or anything.

What are my options? Will Apple consider this "user damage" or do I have a chance of their doing anything about it - either repair or replace or whatever?

More importantly, has anyone here had a similar problem or known of someone who did?

Thanks and cheers


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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,819member
    Is it cracked right the way through?

    You could point out to Apple that if the crack had been caused by a drop, then you'd expect much more damage from a drop capable of cracking the case. In other words, as the crack is the only damage it is highly unlikely that it was caused by a drop.

    Phone Apple to get a repair. Good luck.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    Thanks Mr.H. I spoke with Apple and they have asked me to take the notebook to a reseller to assess the damage and propose a resolution. I shall keep you all posted

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