Disk Util. to fix PC disks from OSX

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does anyone know of a software utility that will allow me to fix, read and extract data off PC formatted hard drives?

I've got a bunch of semi dead PC hard drives that i deal with on a day to day basis. i'd love to be able to just take my TiPB to people's offices, rip out their hard drives, extract their data and burn it to cd's. however, at this point my PB can't read these PC formatted disks at all.

along the same lines, i would love to have some kind of disk utillity that would be able to fix some of these hard drives to that they could still be used. perhaps something that could recover deleted files as well?

anyone know how to do this, or what software would meet these needs? if i don't hear back from people here, i'll try the software forum. Geniuses had nothin', anyone here know?

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