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Hi all I have a bit of a problem.

I am making DVDs out of my sister's DV tapes. Unfortunately, she recorded everything in 12 bit 32KHz audio and not the 16 bit 48KHz needed for DVDs.

So far I have set the project for 48KHz with import setting set at 32KHz. I have captured all the video and edited into sequences. Now I have to up-sample the audio to 48Khz before I send the sequences off to DVD studio pro. Anyone know the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


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    You would just change your sequence settings. The trouble with FCP is that once you have edited a sequence, it doesn't like you changing the sequence settings. For example, if you have a widescreen aspect ratio movie and you add it to a 4:3 sequence, it will squash the movie. Then if you change the sequence to widescreen, rather than unsquashing it, it squashes it further.

    I wouldn't think that would affect audio. Anyway, one solution that I use is to just make a new empty sequence with the right settings (48kHz audio) and then copy and paste the original sequence into it. Then export to DVDSP.

    I'm just wondering but wouldn't Compressor do this? When you choose file>export>using compressor, it has DVD settings where you can set the audio rates. You just choose export to DVD best quality and pick the closest length of your movie and choose all. You can delete the AIFF batch option as you just need AC3 and M2V. I'm sure it will change the audio to 48kHz.

    Once this .m2v and .ac3 are created, you just import these to DVDSP.
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