Probably obvious but mbp+firewire bootdrive = imac?

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I'm probably asking a stupid question but whatever.

I'm interested in getting a mbp(hopefully an updated one if they're here by mid sept) and that would be my only computer because I sold my imac g5 and am donating my mini to someone else.

I know the mbp can do everything I want but I do a lot video editing but mostly I can edit in a lab on stronger machines so this is just for the times I'll be editing less important stuff at home.

If I was to get the 15" with the 256mb vram and when edting booted off an external firewire drive would I have the same computing power as an imac(if know the mbp has .16ghz faster) or is there some sort gain from having everything internal like the imac?


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    I think you should boot from the internal drive but keep your video files on the external drive. When editing, the speed of your boot drive doesn't matter much. The speed of your drive that you store the video work on is more important and should be put on a faster drive if possible.

    You will probably get decent performance with a Firewire 400 drive, but for best results, you'll want an eSATA enclosure and an eSATA ExpressCard/34 adapter like this:
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