Best Album Art site/program?

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I love album art, but the widgets/programs/etc. almost always download really poor resolution covers (or simply can't find the album).

I'd be willing to manually add the album covers myself, I just need to find a site with good resolution.

Any suggestions?


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    there is a album art finder widget that seems to work pretty well. auto adds to the album you have playing also.
  • Reply 2 of 5 is good for me
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    I just use Google Images. Typically gives you lots of choices, and lists resolution. I find around 300 x 300 will give you a decent cover. Sometimes Amazon will give you nice stuff too, but frequently their album art (after you click on it for larger size) is about half, if not more, white frame.
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    Thanks all, so far a combo of Google Images and is getting the job done.

    On another note, Irch, that music that you have linked in your signature is awesome, awesome stuff. Better than a lot of music out there, atmospheric without being overly ambient. I'm listening to the EP and this is an album I'd undoubtably pay for.
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    Check out it seems to have a large selection and even has the rear cd case covers and sometimes the CD label itself.
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