I need some iPhoto/iDVD help!!!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I created a 35 minute slideshow of 290 jpegs in iPhoto with music. When I view it in iPhoto, it's fine & all the music plays. When I send it to iDVD or export it as a movie file it will only play the first song & then it's silent through the rest of the slideshow. It's Wednesday at 2:40am now & I need to get this to work by 9pm tonight. I need some help quick! I tried setting an appointment at my local Apple store but got the message that they're swamped.

What's driving me nuts is that I've done this before with no problems.

I'm using a 17" 1.67ghz powerbook with 1.5gigs of ram.

Mac OS 10.4.7

iPhoto 5 - 5.0.4

iDVD 5 - 5.0.1


I tried selecting a different folder of music from iTunes & then sent to iDVD & it worked fine so I assumed that there was something wrong with the second song on my list. I got rid of it & then sent it to iDVD again & it did the same damn error. It would only play the first song & then silence afterwards.
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