AVI issue with quicktime...HELP!

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I have a digital camera that records movies as .avi

I am having an issue with playing them in Quicktime (I do have quicktime pro). I can play them fine with VLC, however I want to be able to import them into iMovie and I am not able to do that currently. I can only here the audio in quicktime but the video is not viewable.

If someone can point me in the direction of a video converter of somesort that I can use...that would be great...or any other solution that would work.

Some info that might be helpful:

Under Movie info in QT:

Format: Microsoft IMA ADPCM, Mono, 44.100 khz

Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 V1.1, 640 x 480, Million

FPS: 29.97

Data Rate 3943.77 kbits/sec

Under Properties in says Video Format: M4s2

I can email the viedo to someone if needed.

Thanks so much,



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