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"Apple's latest Operating System (OS-X) is has now been available for some 6 years. Built on the industrial tough core of a UNIX with all the graphic and design eye-kicks Apple brings to the table layered on overtop, it's an interesting marriage that has proved quite effective. PC reviewers have lauded the stability, integration, and power of the OS.

And yet frequently when you see Apple ads they focus on nothing but the machine's design. While the Apple is certainly a striking machine, people do actually have to use these machines. The two most common worries potential switchers who don't use Apples worry about are price and the OS's ability to do modern things, and all too often neither of which is addressed in the usual TV spot or magazine ad."

Apple Computer has debuted a major print campaign for Macintosh hardware and software, including Mac OS X.

Currently appearing in major magazines in the U.S., including the September 8th issue of Entertainment Weekly, the materials include a white four-page detachable insert, attached to the third page is a detachable 14-page accordion-fold-out, which can be seen below and here on flickr.

..(this little baby is less than 5½" X 5½")

Good news!!

/now about that Irish store..


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