Possible iTunes+Movies Patent Infringement...

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Netflix is currently suing Blockbuster for patent infringment. I'm not familiar with Netflix's patent, but if their patent very generally covers renting videos (not only DVDs, mind you) over the Internet, there could be repurcussions for Apple. Worth reading, anyway.



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    For an idea to be patentable it must satisfy 3 criteria:

    1. It must be unique

    2. Must be useful

    3. Must be non-obvious to a person reasonably skilled in the art

    Even though the idea of renting movies over internet may satisfy point 1 and definitely satisfies point #2, it definitely DOESN'T satisfy #3 since, in an age of information exchange over internet, there is nothing non-obvious about renting, transmitting (or otherwise) movies over internet.

    If the patent (I have not looked at the text) is indeed about that, it's a bad patent and will not stand one day on court.
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    OTOH, Amazon.com's "One Click" patent seemed pretty bloody obvious, yet it received a patent, one that Apple licensed for iTunes, as a matter of fact.
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