iPod rumors of aluminum casing

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If Apples does release a new nano with a case similar to the ipod mini, wouldn't it be logiical to assume they would release a full size ipod with the same kind of case? They both suffer from the same problems. And if the fulll size iPod is rumored to get a full sized screen how likely is it that screen won't scratch like the current model. That's a lot more screenspace and that can't be made out of aluminum like the back can? At least not anytime soon. Perhaps a different kind of optical plastic or even a coated safety glass?

The current ipods/nano are very elegant looking. But they are fragile. I'm afraid they'll lose their nice sophisticated looks if they go with a safer case, but I guess everything is a trade off. Granted the ipod mini's were nice but they were more of the candy coated Apple era rathen then the polished era we have right now.

Who thinks Apple may just write off the scratch issues and stick with the same cases and just increase the internals instead?

Whatever happens I'd like to see new ipods today, it's the one new Apple product I can actually afford right now, or at least within the next few weeks.


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    According to the famous torture test on the Nano, I'd say that it's not "fragile" at all. It's certainly easy to scratch, as all but the hardest plastic are.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the new iPod kept its current materials. Remember that Apple has traditionally made cosmetic differences between its product lines.
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    i'd say the hard drive ipods will keep the same materials.

    the new nanos, or micros or whatever they will be called... ipod molecule.. hehe will have alu cases.
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    Yep, just like I thought. The strangest thing is that the original Nano came in acrylic in the first place. Perhaps they should always have been aluminum, but I really think that the 1st gen Nano is the best looking MP3 player there is.
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