iTunes 7 will overwrites your album art

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Well eventhough it say that it won't touch your existing album arts, turns out it does in some case. Even overwriting ITMS bought songs.

What happened is that I removed the Album field (well set it to blank anyway) from songs that I don't have the whole album of as not to clutter up the screen/iPod when I browse by album (having album with only one song in is annoying)

Apparently if iTunes can find a match of that song without an album info, it will try to find the closest possible match and use data from their databse instead, now I have some singles that used to have a unique cover art that I specifically pick out from iTMS now it's been overwritten with coverart from the album version, just because I deleted the album fields from these songs.

Let this be a lesson for everybody else.

also, iTunes fetched some coverart from Amazon, I got some with Amazon's 20% off blob on.
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