My thoughts regarding 9/12 Event. Whats yours?

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Pros and Cons! That what I have to say about todays events. First of all, the 5.5 Gen iPod? Shocking right? Personally, what in the world does this make you think now? Are they doing this just to keep people happy for a little bit by dropping the price and adding some useful and useless features? Are they really gonna miss the Christmas quarter without a true new revamped iPod? These are questions I think of. I still can't totally rule out a 6 Gen before the year is up. I just can't! Apple need an iPod to have battery life over 2 hours because of the movies now, so they had to do something. Second, the Nanos look great, but they don't stand up feature wise to the other opponents in the mp3 player market. The shuffle is great though. It would be nice for a little screen to see whats playing, but now that its the size of lint they cant do that. iTV IS AMAZING! Through this Apple will join the likes of Netflix, it will only be a matter of time till they start renting movies over this thing to watch in your home. I think this thing is great. iTUNES IS BEAUTIFUL. I love that the music can now flow the way it should without the little break in between songs, and of course the album art can now be found without searching google, or amazon. All and all, it was a great day. Nano's have 24 hour battery life, iTunes is even better, We can now have full length movies for our still 5 Gen iPods, and iTV will revolutionize home entertainment. This event was not a complete let down. It was a great event! Your macbook family will be updated soon dont worry.


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    I thought it went well. I'm definitely interested in learning more about this iTV device.
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    Is it just me, or did Apple just re-introduce the iPod mini, and call it the nano v2?
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    Originally Posted by onlooker

    Is it just me, or did Apple just re-introduce the iPod mini, and call it the nano v2?

    It's not just you.

    And I really don't like the color selection based on size. If I goddam want a black 2GB I goddam should be able to.

    The thinner yet sturdier is a major plus tho.

    Then again, I liked the iPod nanos likeness to the iPod video.
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    Originally Posted by icfireball

    Then again, I liked the iPod nanos likeness to the iPod video.

    It won't take that long until they introduce a bigger-widescreen alu-ipod .
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    I thought it went well and love the new iPods and the iTunes 7 is great!
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    iTunes 7 is pretty damn cool and improves a lot on the previous version. But the new minis...I mean, nanos are not really all that new. If this is what they were eventually going to be they might as well have skipped the first generation of nanos and went straight to this version calling it the iPod mini mini or something.
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 259member
    I think that it was just a chance for Apple to attempt to up their stock price. iTunes 7 was a very nice upgrade and to me was the highlight of the show. With that in mind it could have been introduced in a more substantial show. The Nano seemed to be just another upgrade in pretty colors, granted the space is more, but I don't think that, deep down, that that's what consumers are after. Consumers love the latest and greatest and since these are colored everyone would know that you have exactly that and I think that Apple is counting on that. I also think that Apple has something else coming up that they don't want over-shaddowed.

    All in all I think that the show was a joke to say the least, very unimpressive.
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