iPod nano colors????

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ok why is the 8gig model only in black? i really want the blue one! is it me or is apple really loosing out on a sales this way. i know maybe they loose money cuz they make for ex 200 pink but poeple only buy 50. so wouldnt it make sence per-say to have colors in any size available for order online? instead of paying for ingraving charge 20 bucks for wat ever color you want (out of the 5 they offer)


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    I agree, it probably is a financial choice though. I personally like the green and would love to see it in the $150 model. But when it gets to $200 it's not much more to just leap to a 30gig which is what I have now.
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    i already have a black ipod and for a nano i want something fun and black is deff not fun. it to serious...i think the blue really says LOOK AT MY NEW IPOD NANO ITS HOT!
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