Explorer 5.2.1 Quartz Text Smoothing

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey, Is anyone having problems with the Quartz text smoothing in Explorer 5.2.1? Most pages look fine, but occassionally, a page will load and the text in one part of the screen looks semi-bold and blurry. Sometimes I can 'fix' this by running my mouse over the text, and it returns to normal (i.e. it looks like the text on the rest of the page).

I haven't noticed this problem in OmniWeb 4.1 yet.


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    Yeah, I've seem this too.

    It never happens in any other apps.

    Chock it up to bad code from Microsoft.
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    arbernautarbernaut Posts: 182member
    You can turn it off!

    Preferences > Web Browser > Interface Extras > [checkbox] Enable Quartz text smoothing

    Just uncheck that box and your fonts behave as they did in IE5.1!
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    And hence become ugly, OS 9-esque monstrosities.

    I use OmniWeb full time now since IE is such a POS.
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    animaniacanimaniac Posts: 122member
    I just wish OmniWeb had better Java Applet support... then again, no browser in OS X really has nice Java Applet support.
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    If OmniWeb could just improve its rendering engine a bit, I would switch full-time from IE. Until then...or until Chimera is ready for prime time, we're stuck with crappy Microsuck products.

    At least Quartz text smoothing is enabled at all...only took them six months too long.
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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    Try turning smoothing off in IE, then download 'SILK' (free) from unsanity.com. Set it to start up when you log in and everything is good. Not the most elegant solution, but it's a damn nice piece of software (until 10.2!).

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    I had the same problem with Silk before IE 5.2 came out. In fact, it made me wonder how much Microsoft had--ahem--borrowed from the developers of Silk.
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