Help! Final cut express HD Desroyd my poject due tomorrow

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
This is an diaster!

I have been working on a School project that I,m gonna show tomorrow for a big group of people.

I have done it in Final cut express Hd (updated to newest verson and tiger updated to newest version. Powerbook 1.25 Ghz 1Gb memmory) I and my group completed the movie today. Vhen I came home today whit my powerbook and opened it to export the movie to a quicktime format so that it would be ready for tomorrow, the problem begun.

I opened Final cut and it tels me that I can't open the project!!! "unable to open project file" Is the message. Help!!! Wat can I do? Any way to save my project?

Im in great need for an solution.

Thx for your time!
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