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Hello everyone, I have a couple questions about getting a good HDTV that will work well with my Mac (or iTV) in the future. First, most of the TVs I'm looking at are around 37-42 inch LCDs that support 720p. Now from what I thought, 720p TVs were usually a 1280x720 resolution, but most of the ones I'm lookng at are 1366x768. I would imagine this is bad because a 720p signal would have to be scaled up to fit. I'm also not sure if Macs support 1366x768 resolution if I were to hook up a Mac Mini. There's one 1080i TV that I'm looking at also, but I've been kind of hesitant to go with a 1080 TV because any video that's not 1080 resolution would have to be scaled up and wouldn't look as good as on a 720 TV, right? Also, because my DVR box only has DVI (not HDMI), I want to make sure the image quality remains perfect through a DVI to HDMI converter.

One more thing...

Does anybody have any good/bad experiences with certain brands or models of HDTVs? I'm looking at Philips, Vizio (sold at Costco), and maybe ViewSonic. I'm definitely getting the TV from Costco, so any info about the brands like Vizio that are mostly just sold there would be great.

Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting some helpful advice!



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    Almost very HDTV above 30" should be 1080i.


    Anyhow, I have a KDL-40V2000.

    I use it primarily for watching TV, however it can be connected to a computer according to the manual.

    It has a PC input, and im almost (97.55%) sure its DVI

    Is the TV itself good ?

    1.Its incredibly good looking

    2.Its a Sony

    3.It is 720p and 1080i

    If you need anything else answered about it, then just ask me.
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    Hit the forums and learn everything you never wanted to take the time to learn about anything relating to tv's and such.
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