Wilma Flintstone, still on diap-up and needs help!!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hello all you geniuses,

Unfortunately, I have to be on a diap-up connection. I visit my sick mother one week every month in Florida (No! It's not a sympathy story, it's true!!) I can't afford high-speed for just 7 days a month...

I just got a used blueberry iMac to use down here, which runs System X. I loaded NetZero software fine, but can't get online. When I go to System Preferences, then click on Network, the first window that comes up says that my internal modem is not set up. The NetZero people can't seem to help me (grrrrr!)

Can someone guide me in setting it up, or give some advice to this technologically-challenged, weary traveler???


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