12" Powerbook G4 Question

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have an issue that i'm just lost on. My 12" Powerbook G4 (1ghz) has a battery that hasn't held a charge for more than 5 -10 minutes at the most, and it's been this way for 6 months or so. The other day my system locked up and I needed to restart. So instead of holding the power button down, I just decided to unplug the power cable and wait for it to discharge just to see if I had lost anymore usable charge. It stayed on for 2 hours and I finally restarted it on my own. Any thoughts or hopeful fix ideas for me? Thanks a million.


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    Wow, everyone is stumped!?!
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    I didn't really understand that. It sounded like you were saying the powerbook battery doesn't last any longer that 5-10 minutes, but then you said it lasted for 2 hours. Anyway depending on the age of your powerbook you might just need to buy a new battery.
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    If i'm sitting on my Powerbook doing whatever and I unplug my power cable, it only lasts 5-10 minutes. Yet the other day my system locked up, and when I unplugged the power cable the system stayed on for 2 hours or so.
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