Aperture 2.0

in Mac Software edited January 2014
It is almost a given that there will be some update to Aperture on September 25th. The questions are:

1) How big of an update will it be?

2) What features/performance do we expect from this new version of Aperture.

As far as my opinions go:

1) 1.x - 2.x

Most Pro Apps have a very slow "1 point" lifestyle. Take for instance Final Cut Studio. However, regardless, Aperture is only one year old, development is rapid at first, and Aperture lacks in performance and would become even more competative with more features.

2) I can't really imagine what would justify a 1 point upgrade in terms of features. I really hope that with the next version of Aperture comes with huge performance increases. As for features, I think a new business feature based on WebObjects (you would not have to buy WebObjects to use it within Aperture) would be great. To expound, you can create a photo prints store on your own private server with cart, check-out, fullfilment via Apple (or perhaps another vendor) and payment processing. That would be perfect for me.
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