Specs of new MacBook Pro?

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
There's been a lot of discussion here as to WHEN we'll see a new MacBook Pro, but very little as to WHAT it will entail. Many things are mentioned, but little speculation as to what the combination will be.

Of course, Merom is a given - no point to an upgrade with Yonah...

I posted something pleading for more RAM capacity a few weeks ago, and many people thought this was likely.

A higher resolution screen has been mentioned once or twice in different places.

There have been random scattered posts suggesting new video cards - either the x1800 or nVidia stuff.

A couple of MacBook features have been mentioned - the keyboard, latch and perhaps the upgradable hard drive.

Then there's the wild stuff that would be a WHOLE new machine - a new case, possibly with a feature or two NOBODY else has (Blu-ray, etc...) - there actually is precedent for this, when the first G3 notebooks came out, the conservative Kanga (G3 in a 3400 case) was quickly followed by the radical Wall Street, which was one of the first notebooks with USB, CD burner, DvD drive (choice between the two - not even a combo drive yet), and the first PowerBook with a high-res screen... The existing MacBook Pro resembles Kanga in that it is a new motherboard in an aluminum PowerBook case.

Let's play the guessing game - here's a many-optioned MacBook Pro poll. Please post if you think it'll be something I haven't put in here.


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