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I am looking to author a DVD with my new Mac. I was going to use iDVD, when lo and behold I find out that it doesn't support multiple video/audio tracks (animatics, commentary). I need this for my DVD. Final Cut's too expensive. WAY too expensive. Don't even say "it's worth it in the long run" or "it's actually cheap for what you're getting"-- the bottom line is that I cannot afford this software.

Any other options?


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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    Get an old version of DVD Studio Pro from ebay?
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    Not really an option, the PowerPC application will run terribly on my Intel iMac.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,218moderator
    DVD Studio Pro is the only one I'd consider. I really wish they'd sell it either separate or as part of their Final Cut Express suite. I agree that FCP Studio is too expensive if all you need is the authoring.

    I'm not sure how DVD SP will run under Rosetta yet, I'll need to test it with my new Intel Mac. The big problem with buying a PPC app like DVDSP is that it will never be updated on its own so you won't get any cheaper upgrade price.
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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    The computing heavy part would be converting the files to MPEG-2 streams. If you were to buy Quicktime Pro and the MPEG-2 component (I think $30 and $20 respectively), these would be intel native. Then the rosetta-using DVD-SP would only be used to burn the files to disk, rather than encode them, so the slowdown would be less noticable.

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    Isn't DVD studio pro only like $299?
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