would call of duty 2 work on a 1.83ghz macbook?

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would call of duty 2 work on a 1.83ghz macbook?


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    Maybe, it'll prolly play at a full 7FPS!
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    Not even close. Integrated graphics are a killer, and Call of Duty 2 wants some pretty heavy-duty GL work.
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    bugger, ok cheers
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,436moderator
    It depends. Here is CoD 2 on a Mac Mini:


    It plays but it has to be on low quality and still jitters at heavy motion scenes. But I'd consider it playable. If I find a demo, I will install it on my Core Duo Mini and let you know how it plays. The Macbook will be about the same speed as a Mini.

    edit: just downloaded and completed the demo. It played pretty smoothly for the most part 1024x768 @ 85Hz. It was only in some of the heavier scenes that it stuttered a bit. Not enough to affect gameplay. Graphics didn't look great - the textures didn't look very good - by default they are set to normal out of the options low, normal, high and extra. It stuttered a bit too much on extra and high and the quality didn't seem to look all that much better. Maybe it's just the way the game is because the sky, explosions and smoke effects looked really nice and even some scenes with high levels of explosions seemed smooth enough.

    To improve performance so that there is absolutely no stuttering, you can lower the quality and resolution but I don't think it'll be necessary to do that.
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