Mail & Gmail missing mail from desktop & laptops?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I use Apple?s Mail application to access my Gmail account on both my desktop and my Macbook. In the last two weeks I?ve noticed that sometimes when I use my desktop to get my email I go thru my new email messages and all seems well. Just before I log off, I click the icon to get any new mail messages to make sure my mailbox is empty.

Sometimes, within a minute, if I switch from my desktop to my laptop and check my Mail again, I find new messages waiting for me on my laptop?new messages that did not show up on my desktop!

This never used to happen but I?ve noticed that it happens consistently lately. Some messages that were sent at 2pm or 3pm do not show up on my desktop when I check Mail at, say, 3:30pm but they do show up when I check Mail on my laptop!

Why is this happening and what can I do about it? If my laptop were to disappear tomorrow, I am certain there are Mail messages I would never get because they do not show up when I check Mail on my desktop machine. ?
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