IR Choices for Front Row on G4 computers

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Hello everyone,

I was one of the lucky blokes to get a powerbook g4 right before the macbook pro came out, and I missed out on the built-in IR port functionality. Alas. But I got over it and installed FrontRow anyway, and I control it with my keyboard.

However, I recently found two possible solutions to my dilemma. The first is very real; Twisted Melon is selling software and an IR receiver bundle at:

This looks like a viable enough option, but I keep having this nagging feeling that Apple will come out with a new iSight that has IR built in. My main reason for thinking this is that the Mac Pro's don't have an IR port or iSight, but another possible solution for this (as it has been discussed in these forums before) is a new generation of displays with built in iSights (lucky me, I bought the 20 incher along with the powerbook, so no help there).

My plan is to wait until Apple releases one of the other; new iSight or new display. No iSight, I'll buy from Twisted Melon. Logical enough? How probable do you guys think a new iSight/IR receiver would be? I know quite a few people who would buy something like that, and restricting Mac Pro users to buying a new $700 display just for photobooth, iChat and Front Row seems a bit overkill.

To be honest, I'd be happy if Apple even released a little USB IR dongle. I already have the remote. I just need something to use it with.


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    If your G4 has bluetooth (and I'm pretty sure all Powerbook G4's did have) then you could get an old Sony Ericsson bluetooth phone (T68i, T610 or something should be pretty cheap now) and use it with Salling Clicker or Romeo as a remote control for your Mac. No dongles needed.
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    I know it probably sounds dumb, but I already have the Apple remote. I would like to use that, and it obviously won't work with bluetooth. Mira works with the Apple remote, and that's what I like about it.
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