Biggest Macbook Pro upgrades in the next year

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I will be purchasing a Macbook Pro within the next year and was wondering when the biggest upgrades would probably be introduced and what they are expected to be. I know that nobody can know for sure but i would just like to get some input.



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    The next update will be introducing the Merom cpu. This will give 64bit support to the MBP. I think that will happen any time from now to the holiday season.

    The next update will probably in early 2007, when the santa rosa platform is introduced. This will give the MBP a faster FSB and larger on-chip memory (im not 100% sure about the memory part.... someone correct me if I am wrong).

    I'm in the same boat as you... I'm waiting for the best time to get a MBP. I'd suggest that you should at least wait for the Merom chipped MBP. That will give you support for the 64bit applications that should become available in the comming years. If you can wait longer, the waiting until early 2007 should be ideal. I cannot wait that long. I need a MBP NOW. So, I'm getting mine when the Merom MBP comes out. Hopefully, my crappy laptop will last until then.... (fingers crossed)

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    What about HD DVD/Blu-Ray? Any possibilities of these showing up in MBP's? Or any computers for that fact?
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    i think i will probably be purchasing in mid april. any chance that a quad core chip or a 45nm chip will make it into the MBP by then? Anyone with a lot of knowledge on the Santa *rosa*(heh) care to explain it in depth and list its advantages

    thanks for the replies
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    I can only assume Apple will be ramping up to an accelerated release schedule due to the new chip release schedules from Intel.
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    hmm.... i never heard of a santa maria before.... if you're talking about the santa rosa, the main difference is the upped FSB speed. its 667 now, it'll be upped to 800. This will give you a wee bit of extra speed. I believe the integrated graphics chip will also get a boost for the santa rosa, but that wont be of much significance for the MBP since they have a separate graphics accelerator. if you're going to get a MB, or a mini (which will most likely use the integrated graphics chip), that would make a bigger difference.

    as for quad core and/or 45nm architecture, probably wont happen until late 2007 or early 2008. i wont bet on the quad core finding its way into a laptop in the current 65nm form. the appitite for power would be significant, i would presume. once the 45nm stuff is ready and in full production swing, we should start seeing it in laptops. also, a quad core or more architecture probably wont be in laptops unless it's a 45nm. that would be the only way to keep the power consumption down. However, there can always be innovation that allows usable battery life with a quad 65nm chip... but i think the chance is remote..

    the thing is, even the current MBP has more then enough power for most uses. i'm just waiting for the merom because i want the 64 bit support. but, since new tech is always just over the horrizon, if you start wariting for new stuff, you'll be waiting forever. at some point, you'll have to decide this is enough and buy it.

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