Refurbished MacBook Pro

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Ok, I cracked... I couldn't (and begun to fail to see the reason to) wait any longer for Steve and Co. to release the elusive Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro, so I snaffled up a refurbished one from the UK Apple Store. Of course now they'll be released tomorrow but at least I can say it was because of me!

Apparently, it is a 2.16GHz, 15" with 1Gb of RAM (in one chip, which is my ideal solution because I'm more than happy to buy the other one rather than have to replace both) and the 7200rpm 100Gb hard-disk. It was on there for around £1,200 apparently a 41% reduction.

So, why when all others around it are on around 30% reduction is this one for 41%? What's going to be wrong with it when it arrives, or am I just being paranoid?


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    I think the pricing goes something like this:

    18-20% off on current 2.0GHz and 2.16GHz models

    30% off previous 1.83GHz and 2.0GHz

    and 41% off previous 2.16GHz model <- which was originally a BTO option for extra $300.

    I had to cave a while ago also and got the refurb 1.83GHz model, due to completely dead iBook.

    I was also completely paranoid about it. In the end I can't find any real complaints, if anything I don't even need the extra power.

    The minor points for me are: sometimes getting sweaty legs after a few hours; on the absolute lowest brightness setting screen maybe screen looks a bit flickery; RHS speaker don't sound as good as LHS; 3-3.5hrs battery is OK but no where near my ole iBook (picked up 2nd battery el cheapo on eBay to sort this out).

    Im hoping the 1st and the last points might get improved when this gets fully developed. <- here's hoping.

    Bear in mind you can return the machine in the first 14 days to Apple, for no reason, and you only lose the courier cost of £30. This is what to do if they release Merom next week .
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